Marlins, NBC6 Surprise & Drive Giveaway – Baptiste Family


Yves Jean Baptiste is a single parent father to seven children, including 11-year old Bradley, who has Down Syndrome. As a Special Olympics–Florida athlete, Bradley proudly represents Miami-Dade County in golf, basketball, tennis, track and bowling, and is a regular attendee at Camp Shriver. As you will soon see, Bradley is a complete joy to be around and is always smiling and giving his best effort.

Having lost his wife immediately after Bradley’s birth, Yves continues to ensure that each of his children arrive to school and their extra-curricular activities. Known for his big red pickup truck that is on its last leg, you can often hear his truck before you see him coming down the street. If he needs to transport his children to a function, Yves has to make several trips, because his truck can only hold three passengers at a time. Should he experience mechanical problems with his truck, the family does not have another form of transportation.

Marlins pitcher Pablo Lopez and Kristen Sanchez stopped by Edison Park K-8 center to surprise the Baptiste family with a new set of wheels…

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