New LEGO store at Westfield Brandon a hit for parents during the holidays

BRANDON — Parents can find it a little easier to bring home the Millennium Falcon or Hogwarts Great Hall or this holiday season.

With the opening of the LEGO store inside Brandon’s Westfield Mall, old school favorites with new school flair and all the magic of Harry Potter’s school can be wrapped up for kids of all ages.

And all the bricks collectors have gathered over the years will fit with any of the three dozen themed LEGO kits available.

For example, there’s a complete section for the Star Wars fan that includes one of the largest models LEGO ever created, a 7,500-piece kit of Han Solo’s famous space ship that sells for $799.99.

It includes removable hull plates that reveal the detailed inner compartments and comes with original favorites Han, Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO or recent favorites older Han, Rey, Finn and BB-8.If that sounds too extravagant, there are plenty of other options such as a 500-piece Harry Potter themed kit for $39.99 and a 007 Aston Martin for $149.99 — which would be a funny gag gift in place of the real deal.

Not interested in themed kits? That’s OK too, the LEGO store offers shoppers the opportunity to pick and build their own color bricks – literally with a LEGO brick wall on the back of the store. Fill a regular-sized container for $8.99 or a larger one for $15.99.

The store also invites shoppers to build their own minifigures and take them home, or purchase some of the mystery minifigures in pre-packaged bags.

For those collectors, here’s a couple tips: try to feel through the bag for obvious characteristics of the figure. For duplicates, the LEGO store offers a minifigure swap for children ages 6-14 monthly on a Monday — including Dec. 17 and Jan. 21, 2019.

Stocking stuffers are available for less than $20 and free gift promotions are posted inside the store.

There’s also a charitable component. The LEGO Group will donate one LEGO set through local charity partners, giving 500,000 children around the world the chance to play. Simply build a LEGO ornament and share it in store or online at LEGO.com/BuildToGive by Sunday (Dec. 9).

“Holiday seasons are all about fun and joyful moments, a time of creating happy memories with loved ones,” Kathrine Kirk Muff, LEGO Group Vice President of Social Responsibility and Engagement said in a release.

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