Driver Fears Shaking Bridge on Conroy Road

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — It is a road that is used by thousands of drivers everyday, but one viewer from the Champions Gate area is wondering whether one particular section of Conroy Road is structurally safe!

  • The bridge on Conroy Road over I-4 shakes, says driver
  • FDOT says the bridge is design to move that way
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We are actually talking about a bridge on Conroy Road that flies over Interstate 4 in the Millenia area and one viewer wrote in saying he will not drive on it again.

Frank Izzo, who wrote in to us this week, drives his family to the Millenia area in Orlando from the Osceola-Polk County line every so often just to go shopping.

Izzo says the last two times they have been on Conroy Road turning left to get onto I-4 westbound, his family has had a very harrowing experience.

He says the bridge that flies over I-4 starts shaking while he is in queue to turn left onto I-4 westbound and that causes cars to shake as well.

He claims there was no wind, the engine was idling smoothly and the car was in brake hold mode. His wife is now afraid enough of the bridge where she doesn’t want to use it again.

For a claim like this, I decided to check it out by checking in with the Florida Department of Transportation.

As it turns out, that particular bridge on Conroy Road is called a steel-box beam bridge.

And according to FDOT, these typically experience more movement than your typical concrete bridge. The movement actually helps disperse the energy from the traffic traveling over it.

According to FDOT, this does not mean the bridge is unsafe and is routinely inspected.

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