Understanding The Changes to Tinting

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LONGWOOD, Fla. — Tinting may not work the way you are used to. When we visited Tint World in the Longwood area of Seminole County, most of the material was cut by a computer printer.

Tint World owner Pete Muller says, if you live in Central Florida, at this time of year, you shouldn’t leave home without it.

“The extreme temperatures in Florida can actually do a lot of damage to your vehicle over time,” said Muller.

After all, a car parked in direct sunlight can heat up to as much as 172 degrees!

“I’ve got three little kids. Kids in the back seat. I’ve got a baby,” said Muller. “And when you have a baby in the backseat, you see that sun kind of beating down on them. Without window tinting, that baby is getting UV rays just as bad as they would be sitting outside.”

There are a few misconceptions regarding window tinting, the first of which being you have to make the car darker to block out more heat. 

In the past, with an older form of film, that may have been true, but new technology has changed that.

“There are clear films that we carry that offer up to 98 percent infrared heat rejection. They are not going to be anything noticeable at all on your car. You wouldn’t even tell there was tint on your car,” Muller explained.

Another common mistake many people make after purchasing a new car is assuming that their car has come already tinted. That is not always the case.

“It’s actually privacy glass from the factory. And that factory privacy glass has pretty much no UV protection, no heat rejection or any real benefits of window tinting,” he went on.

If you’re wondering how dark you can tint your windows in the state of Florida, for a normal passenger vehicle, it’s 28 percent. 

And for your back windows it’s 15 percent.  That being said, if you have a state medical exemption form, you can actually tint your windows as dark as you want them to be.

Muller has a huge passion for cars but being a family man, he takes his job personally as well.

“I love being able to explain to families how important it is to protect the inside of their vehicle to protect the occupants as well,” he said.

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