Congestion Issues on Consulate Drive

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ORLANDO, Fla. — In this week’s Traffic Inbox, we are talking about Consulate Drive which lies in the middle of the big Turnpike/Beachline/OBT interchange and one of our viewers, Mireya Lyons says that a recent problem has caused Consulate Drive to be busier than ever.

  • Traffic congestion on Consulate Drive
  • Driver believes malfunctioning light the problem
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“I keep trying this way every day because I don’t have much choice,” Lyons said.

Consulate Drive hugs one of Central Florida‘s busiest interchanges — the Orlando South Ultimate Interchange where the Beachline, Florida‘s Turnpike and Orange Blossom Trail all converge. 

“It’s already overwhelming to go towards Orange Blossom Trail, it has always been congested most of the time.  But this (delay) is making it much worse,” said Lyons.

Lyons thinks she knows exactly what the issues are here at the Consulate Drive intersection at State Road 528 Westbound.

“There is a lot of construction for one thing but…the light is what is the problem,” Mireya Lyons told us.

A malfunctioning traffic light that stays red for too long causing the backups.  That’s the claim. Is a solution coming?

For the short term, FDOT has assured that they are sending out a team to evaluate the light and will make any necessary corrections as they see fit.  We should have an answer sometime this week.  

For more of a long-term picture, back in the summer of 2017, Florida‘s Turnpike Enterprise started a study here for this whole interchange for not only OBT, the Turnpike and the Beachline but also some of the local surrounding roads including Consulate Drive.

According to Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise’s website, a public hearing has been scheduled for fall of later this year, but no official date has been announced as of right now.

As for now, Lyons thinks she may have to try find another way to get home.

“From here to make it to the Turnpike is like thirty minutes.  Just because of all this traffic.” 

If you have a traffic issue or problem you want looked at or solved, head to and fill out the simple form.

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