Bells Tolled Across the World for 49 Pulse Victims

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NATIONWIDE — More than 600 churches worldwide participated in the One Pulse Foundation’s and the One Orlando Alliance’s “Ringing of the Bells” on Wednesday.

Bells are tolled 49 times for each person who was killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting three years ago. The victims’ names were read before each bell was rung.

“For tolling of the bells it was in remembrance of our 49 but now it is tolling of the bells for unity, for tolerance, for acceptance,” Mayra Alvear said.

Alvear’s daughter, 25-year-old Amanda, was killed during the shooting.

Amanda was a promising nursing student from Tampa. The old adage is time heals all wounds, but Alvear said it can’t completely heal the pain she feels.

“Every time they mentioned their names, I was saying ‘Rest in Peace in Heaven. God protects you,” she said.

Alvear said as long as these bells keep ringing, it will be a reminder of the people they represent.

“We want to make them proud, and we don’t want them to be forgotten,” she said.

Alvear said she does not want her daughter to have died in vain.

She has helped push legislation banning assault weapons to the state supreme court for review. If approved, Florida voters in the 2020 election could decide the change.

“I don’t want to see another mother or other parents to go through the pain and suffering we go through because every day we long for our children,” she said.

If you would like register your church for next year’s ringing of the bell, you can go to the foundation’s website.

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