He’s With Us Every Day

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KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Trial is set to start soon for the man accused of killing two Kissimmee cops. The widow of one of the slain cops hopes to be in court every day in honor of her husband.

The trial for Everett Miller, accused of killing Kissimmee Police officers Sgt. Sam Howard and Matthew Baxter in 2017 is on August 19.

Baxter’s widow Sadia said she wants to be in the courtroom each day of the trial, not only to advocate for her family, but to also serve as a representative of the law enforcement community.

In the midst of tragedy, Sadia remembers all the good times she had with her husband, as the two met at Kissimmee Police Department while working there.

Sadia said it’s amazing to have married a hero.

“I am truly blessed and truly grateful to have so much love and support still from the community… (it) motivates me to continue putting my gun and badge (on) every day.” she explained.  ​

For the full story, watch the video above.

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