Villages Home Hidden in Overgrowth is Eyesore to Neighbors

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SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. — There is a house that sticks out in one neighborhood in “The Villages” that is hidden in brush, trees and growth that have neighbors who live nearby say it is an eyesore.

  • Some neighbors complain that it hurts their property values
  • Homeowner wants to be left alone

Craig Bonifant clips his bushes to perfection to make his home stand out in this well-manicured neighborhood.

However, next to his home is a house that is hidden an overgrowth of vegetation and trees.

Ruth Salumini lives next door and worries about property values.

“It’s disgusting. It’s just really just an ugly sight. And it’s just not good for re-sale if you ever wanted to re-sale,” she said.

While Spectrum News 13 were there, a landscaper came over to do some weed whacking.

Ironically, he was cutting the tops off the flowers. The unnamed owner of the house called Spectrum News 13, telling the station to stay off her property, and adding she wanted the neighbors to leave her alone.

The big question is, why has nothing being done? This is the Villages and residents are given a compliance handbook when they move in.

The handbook addresses Florida-friendly drought resistant plants.

“It does not mean that sod be replaced with rocks, decorative stone, pine straw, which there is much there over there,” explained Barbara Bonifant.

Neighbors have been to numerous compliance meetings to complain, but have not gotten the results they wanted from The Villages, saying it falls under the Florida Friendly guidelines.

“They see us coming and just roll their eyes and say, “All right, we know you’re putting in another complaint,” said Craig Bonifant.

So there it remains, hidden among the trees, in the middle of the country’s largest retirement community.

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