Coral Springs Doctor’s Office Accused of Using Fake Botox

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Authorities are investigating after a doctor‘s office in Coral Springs allegedly offered fake Botox-type products to customers.

Officials with multiple agencies executed a search warrant at Beautiful Vision, an ophthalmology and plastic surgery clinic. The clinic’s only practitioner was being interviewed Wednesday.

Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez said the search warrant comes after a year-long investigation into the clinic that included the Food and Drug Administration.

Ramirez said investigators discovered the doctor was purchasing and using some non-approved Botox-like products. The products aren’t sanctioned for use in the United States, making it illegal to use for a medical procedure.

“They could potentially lose their license and potentially face jail time,” Ramirez said. “If any of the patients that have been seen and come through here and have developed any type of signs or allergic reactions, and they see the broadcast and want to come forward that could also help the case, have they shown any signs of illness charges can be brought against this person.”

Officials haven’t released the doctor‘s name or said what charges she could face.

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