Star of ‘The Princess Bride,’ and Most of Twitter, say Remaking Iconic Film is Inconceivable

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“The Princess Bride” star Cary Elwes was among many who found the idea of a remake of the timeless 1987 film inconceivable after the Sony Pictures CEO floated the idea in an interview.

Twitter users expressed outrage when Sony Pictures Entertainment chief executive Tony Vinciquerra mentioned the idea of a reboot to Variety in a profile on Norman Lear, who was the film’s executive producer. The piece, published Tuesday, only briefly mentions “The Princess Bride.”

“We have so many people coming to us saying, ‘We want to remake this show or that show,’” Vinciquerra told Variety. “Very famous people whose names I won’t use, but they want to redo ‘The Princess Bride.””

The mere thought of remaking the beloved film brought “The Princess Bride” to the top of Twitter’s trends as fans and celebrities expressed their disgust. Cary Elwes, who portrayed the film’s hero, Westley, called the 1987 classic a “perfect” movie.

“There’s a shortage of perfect movies in this world,” Elwes wrote. “It would be a pity to damage this one.”

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