Pembroke Pines Girl Wants to Give Clean Water to Those in Need

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Instead of the usual cake and balloons for her birthday, an 8-year-old girl from Pembroke Pines wants to raise money for a charity that provides clean water to those in need.

Michelle Moreno said her father found nonprofit Charity: Water after thinking about what she wanted for her ninth birthday.

“I didn’t want anything, and I was like, I have enough, so then I told my dad I didn’t want anything, and he found Charity: Water,” she said.

According to Charity: Water, 663 million people in the world don’t have access to clean water. After hearing those dire statistics, Michelle decided to do some homework and figured out over 1,000 children die every day from dirty water diseases.

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“I thought no, that’s horrible. I’m not gonna let that happen, so I really want to do something about it and I’m trying to do my part right now,” she said.

Michelle set up an online donation page where people can contribute to the cause. All of the proceeds will go directly to building clean water projects. When completed, Charity: Water will send her photos so she could see the community she helped.

“I’ve heard a saying that kindness is like a boomerang. It will always return, and I feel like I’m being kind to them and for me, it feels good to do something nice to someone else,” she said.

Michelle has already exceeded her goal and has raised over $1,000 so far.

“I hope to keep on doing this until everyone has clean and safe water to drink,” she said.

Visit Michelle’s donation page on Charity: Water  here.

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