Legal Battle Brewing Over The Removal of Stranded Barge in Deerfield Beach

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Nearly three weeks ago, strong winds and rough waves slammed a barge onto the shores of Deerfield Beach, stranding it. Now, city officials are hoping to have the ship removed within the next two days.

According to a spokesperson for the city, the reef was meant to spell out “DFB” in limestone rock clusters, creating an eye-catching underwater image visible to people flying in to South Florida. The idea was to highlight Deerfield Beach as a snorkeling destination.

The barge planted 26 of the 400 boulders before it got stuck. The $300,000 project stalled on the first day. It was supposed to take six weeks to complete.

The Miami-based Pac Comm Inc., who owns the barge, is responsible for removing the ship off the beach and may face legal issues for the delay, city officials say.

However, the city says the barge hasn’t hurt tourism one bit. People come out to sunbathe next to the ship all day.

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