Homeowners Up in Arms After Leak Leaves Lobby Drenched

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Homeowners at a Miami-Dade apartment complex are up in arms after heavy rain flooded their homes.

Residents at Fontainebleau Gardens found pools of water in their lobby along with pieces of the ceiling. They are blaming the Home Owner’s Association, but the Home Owner’s Association says they were warned.

“The problem is that we have a board of directors who are not making decisions in our favor. They are hiring people that are not doing a good job,” resident Terese Roldan says.

Roldan says the Association contracted workers to fix the building’s roof before the repairs were quickly abandoned.

But, Elizabeth Amador, president of the complex’s Home Owner’s Association, says she vetted more than three companies before selecting the roofing company.

Amador adds residents were notified the repairs would cause inconveniences and that the leaks were nothing new.

“This has been going on since 2016. We had to gather money. We had to manage things. We had to look for it to make the repairs,” Amador says.

The current roof repairs are costing property owners $1,200,000.

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