Family Left Without a Home After Car Collides With Miami-Dade House

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A family says they have nowhere to go after a car collided with their Northwest Miami-Dade home early Sunday morning.

“I woke up and I thought I was having a dream,” neighbor Gabriel Hernandez says.

At around four in the morning, he was woken up by a loud smash.

The noise was a car crashing through a fence and into two other vehicles parked in a family’s driveway.

“I saw smoke. So, I grabbed the hose from the back of the house in case there was a fire,” Leonel Angel says.

He, along with three other adults, were asleep inside the house located at Northwest 19th Avenue and 120th Street.

The family says a female driver and passenger were inside the Maroon Scion that caused the crash.

They say the driver asked for help getting her friend out of the car. She was trapped by the airbag.

According to the family, once the women made it out alive, another car came by, picked them up, and fled the scene – leaving the Scion behind.

The chaos left three cars severely damged, and resulted in the death of a stray cat.

The county has deemed the home “unsafe”, leaving Leonel and his family to figure out where they can sleep, and how to get to work.

Police have since towed the Scion from the scene, but at this point, it is unclear if detectives have been able to track down the driver.

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