Only in NYC: Group Hosts Thanksgiving Feast on Subway

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Thanksgiving came early in a New York City subway train.

The holiday isn’t until Thursday but plates with turkey, mash potatoes and cranberry sauce were being fixed on the Brooklyn-bound L train, delighting commuters who stepped onto the train Sunday night.

“There’s nothing like the holiday season in the city,” Giselle Guzman wrote on her Instagram story. She tells NBC New York she got on the L train at Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg and witnessed the feast.

Like many other viral videos, the dinner appeared to be a staged stunt and it was an elaborate one.

There were cornbread, cider, sides and even decorative apples on the fully decked out Thanksgiving dinner table.

Some on social media expressed concerns about the sanitation, or lack thereof, in eating on a usually dirty subway train but the people in the video didn’t seem to mind.

In another video posted to Twitter, one woman can be heard saying, in true holiday spirit, “Get my man a plate right here. What else do you want on it?”

Around 250,000 people ride the L train daily and if the stunt was pulled during the work week, there surely would be less holiday joy and more angry commuters in the video.

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